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The Dr.Hauschka Treatment

The Dr.Hauschka Treatment

Duration 2 hours

The Dr.Hauschka Treatment was created to complement the products in restoring balance and harmony to the skin. The restoration of harmony to us, from both the products and the treatment, is crucial. We have only one body and a responsibility to look after ourselves. The Dr.Hauschka Treatment begins with a warm sage foot bath and a full client consultation. It is important to ensure the feet are warm and comfortable before continuing. The sage also acts to draw energy from our heads to our feet - helping us to relax and get as much from the treatment as possible. The Esthetician then applies products to stimulate the circulation to the feet and legs. Following this is a head and neck relaxation, then the arms are stretched and products applied.

Using warm lavender compresses the face and decollete are prepared for cleansing. The feeling of being wrapped up in the warm, calming lavender muslin is truly wonderful.

The skin is then cleansed and prepared for the Facial Steam Bath. This is again crucial to the treatment because through the steaming we cleanse not only the external skin but also the internal skin - the lungs. Facial Steam Bath contains plant extracts such as nasturtium, daisy and witch hazel to cleanse and purify. After the steam, Cleansing Clay Mask is applied to the skin for a deep external cleanse. This is then removed with warm water containing Spruce Bath. Following the removal of the mask we turn again to the internal. The Esthetician uses her hands and brushes to STIMULATE the movement of the lymphatic system.

The skin is now ready to receive the nourishment of the specific Rhythmic Conditioner, followed by the application of the personalised treatment mask. The Esthetician then massages the decollete with one of our six specially blended healing oils to complete the lymph stimulation.

The mask is removed with lemon compress - a gentle, warm, sunny wake up. The Treatment is completed with day care and a discussion of how you and your skin respond to the treatment, and concluded with a detailed Homecare Prescription.

As this Treatment falls under preventative healthcare, for the most effective results it is best to create a treatment rhythm. The appropriate Treatment Plan is advised by your Esthetician.

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